Users and You help the good people in the world become great through User Experience Design


Users and You design beautiful and compelling digital experiences that help businesses to become user-centric. User centred design can be a powerful tool in getting the best out of your business and as a company that strives to promote good in the world, we offer some of our services to charities and non-profit organisations pro bono.

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s just starting out in business we offer very competitive costs and understand the importance of getting it right from the beginning. Everything we do is driven by research, and we go out of our way to make sure that we design experiences that our clients, and their users love.

Six Beliefs

1. Giving Back is Great

We choose to promote living in a better world and love to work with clients that have the same vision as us. We will do everything in our power to raise the platform for businesses and individuals that are working to bring about change.

2. Small changes make an impact

There are lots of big things that can be done to initiate change but the small things all add up too. Businesses can start making a difference by implementing these small gestures to change how they interact with their customers.

3. Honesty = respect

Our clients aren't always right and we respect them enough to let them know if we think they are heading in the wrong direction. When you work with us, you will always get an honest opinion. We will always guide you in the right direction.

4. Jargon-free information

We don't write or speak in marketing jargon or use terminology that you won't understand. If you catch us doing this, we expect to be called up on it; seriously. It's important that we practice what we preach.

5. Demystify UX (User Experience)

Our goal is not just to create amazing user-experiences but to help our clients entrench a user-centric approach throughout their businesses. This can only happen if the concept of UX is clear.

6. People Matter

We know how stressful work can get and sometimes it’s hard to put frustrations aside, but even when in the tensest of situations always remember what’s most important; people. We like to always keep our working enviroment positive.


We are insightful, inquisitive and highly experienced subject matter experts who never tire of analysing how other human-beings interact with design. We bring a lot to the table but have outlined some of what we offer our clients below.

Understanding You

We like to ask questions and gather your requirements for the project. This helps us to understand you and your business better.


We hold engaging and insightful workshops so that we can understand you and your business better. It's a very effective method of identifying existing problems and great for unearthing solutions. Having everyone together in one of our workshops is always great fun and helps to gain consensus on business objectives. Our workshops also help us to build stronger relationships with our clients as we all get to know each other much better.

Stakeholder Interviews

Informally but effectively interviewing everyone involved in a project enables us to gather your business requirements accurately and it’s another way of getting to know you and your product better. We encourage our clients to be as honest as possible about their hopes and fears concerning the project. Understanding the factors that helped you to arrive where you are is also very important, along with appreciating how you measure success.

Competitor Analysis

Looking at your competitors in some depth and comparing them to your current services or products can help you to understand your market place better. This insight helps our clients tremendously, especially when evaluating existing features. By considering what choices your users have, any design we create will be informed by this type of research. There will always be someone doing something better, no matter how small and it’s our job to make you that someone.

Analytic Reviews

We support our clients by helping them to make sense of any existing data. Sometimes patterns of behaviour are difficult to spot, so working together to analyse trends can be very valuable. Often, the numerical data will tell you what’s going on (how many users leave and at what point) but it won’t tell you why it’s happening. We always recommend complimenting analytical reviews with qualitative research because it’s not enough to rely on numbers alone.

Expert Reviews

An expert review is a quick way of identifying problems and obstacles that your users face. Using our expertise, we are able to carry out an assessment of your website or application and deliver a report which outlines our findings and recommendations. Our clients find our reviews very useful when the business is more focused on improvement rather than redesign.

Understanding Users

Getting close to who your users are will be the key to your success. They should always be at the core of any design.

Contextual Enquiry

When thinking about the people your design is for, it's vital to consider context. What we do is observe users in their own environment and take a step back while they carry on with their tasks. This helps us understand their environment as we note what obstacles they face when interacting with the design. Often followed up by an interview, we will take all observations and findings away with us and use this to inform our design decisions.

Usability Testing

There is nothing better than testing your website on real users. By watching users interact with your design we can ensure that everything we create is user-centric. Usability testing often provides insight that no-one would have ordinarily considered and we call these "golden nuggets" of information. It's brilliant when that happens and it’s one of our favourite things about using this technique.

User Research

We conduct a variety of research to make sure that we understand the needs and limitations of users. This takes many forms but can include one on one interviews, diary studies (detailed logs of behaviour) scenario writing (what will users use the website for) and analysing user tasks.

Card Sorting

We use card-sorting to understand how users like to group information. This helps us with the structure and ordering of a website and helps us to understand what users will expect to see. It's possible to carry this out online with thousands of users, as well as face-to-face, which is always a preference for us.

User Experience Design

All designs are led by our research and user studies. This insight dictates any changes. We only sign-off when it's right.

Wireframes & Prototypes

A wireframe is a skeletal version of a website. Not only does it help us map everything out but it's a great way of communicating ideas to our clients. Our wireframes usually start off as scamps (sketches) and develop into interactive prototypes that we then test on real users.

Visual Design

Designing an experience that is functional means nothing if it isn't enjoyable and engaging to use. It's therefore fair to say that visual design and usability heavily rely upon one another and both are important. Thinking about the emotional responses that visual design can invoke is a very enjoyable part of the process for us and is yet another reason why it's so important to understand who you are designing for.

Responsive Design

We think that content should be accessible to everyone wherever they are and regardless of what device they are on. So, we make sure that whatever we design for our clients looks good on a laptop, mobile-phone or tablet and that the most important information is presented to the user at all times. For example, a website on a mobile-phone will look different than on a PC so responsive design takes some planning but has been the way forward for some time now.

UX Consultancy

We don't see the point in just delivering a project and then leaving our clients to get on with it. Our mission is to help businesses to become more user-centric, to analyse their data and get to know their customers. It might seem like we are talking ourselves out of business but helping our clients to become more self-sufficient in this way is one of our goals. So, while we offer UX Consultancy as part of a project, we especially look at supporting our clients after a project has been delivered to carry out a "retrospective" and encourage in-house learning.


Charities and Non-Profits

We believe that giving is great and we want to make it easier for people to give back. One of our missions is to help charities to improve how they communicate their cause to their audiences and because of this we offer most of our UX services pro bono. The internet is a powerful tool in this regard and we intend to use it to do good things.

One sunny Sunday afternoon, we interviewed a few good people of Brighton & Hove to ask them how the Internet could help them to be more giving. Watch our video to find out what they said.

Business startups

We admire the tenacity it takes to turn a dream into reality, especially if that reality is going to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Failure can be a necessary part of becoming a great business and we understand that there are many hurdles to jump before reaching the kind of success you have in mind. We like hurdles, and can help you tackle each one.

Other business

Many businesses will claim to put their customers first but that’s not always clear for the customers to see. By working with us to develop user-centric designs, we can help you promote your customer care policies throughout your entire business. And we'll make sure that you'll have fun doing it too.


If you'd like to get in contact with us to discuss a new project, or simply to say "hello", we'd love to hear from you. We don't have fluffy Account Managers or a posh answering service - it's just us, but we hope you don't mind.

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